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Spyware Solution
by Stephen Wilk

Spyware Solution

Probably Todays Biggest Computer Problem
You Suffer Without Knowing Your PC is Infected!

The effects can be devastating...and very costly
Probably the biggest problem PC Users
are experiencing right now


PC runs very slowly for no apparent reason
It is difficult to access the Internet
Bandwidth seems to be reduced
Unwanted popup ads and often when you are not even surfing the web
Changed Internet Explorer home page, (known as Hijacking)
Your PC is slowing down to a crawl.

Why You Should Fear Spyware

Personal information is collected from you without your
knowledge or permission. Scary!
Spyware collects information from you on a range of areas,
from all the Web sites you visit, to more sensitive
information like user names and passwords and even banking
details. Personal Information you would never give out if
someone asked you for it! Spyware collects it covertly.
The primary objective of Spyware is to steal information.
Your personal information!

Be aware, some Spyware may run unnoticed without any
outward signs of infection. Do not be fooled. It could
still mean you have a major problem!

How does Spyware get onto your PC if you dont knowingly
download it? Many PC users ask this question. The
answer is that if you or your teenage children download
music from file-sharing programs, free games from certain
sites, ring tones or other software programs from unknown
sources -you can easily become infected with Spyware!

Spyware uses security holes in the Windows Operating
System, and many people are very surprised to hear that
infection can occur without any actual conscious actions of
your own. Do not confuse Spyware with viruss. Even if you
have a virus checker this will not stop Spyware. It is a
totally different threat. It is annoying. All you probably
want to do is surf the Internet as simply as possible. The
proliferation of threatening attacks to your system make
this more and more difficult, unless you have the right set
of tools in place to protect yourself.

How Do You Protect Yourself?

The best way to check for infection is to scan your machine
with an effective program capable of protecting you. One
thing you should be very aware of, are the free programs
offering to solve such a problem. Unless they are
recommended by a professional source, you should steer
clear of such programs. It has been found that many free
programs simply add to your problems, by adding more
Spyware or other malicious programs to your computer.

Recommended solutions? There are a few legitimate programs
which actually do what they say they will do. Counterspy
is such a program. CounterSpy uses extensive Spyware
signature databases, real- time security agents, and
ThreatNet to protect your machine from many types of
Spyware, adware, browser hijackers, search hijackers,
keyloggers, ghost spammers, and spy software. If you do
not want to be targeted with offers of goods you dont want
and you want to feel secure, knowing your personal
information is safe - then CounterSpy is the program you
are looking for.

One great benefit of CounterSpy is the real-time agents
that monitor your computer 24/7, securing certain key
areas. Malicious Spyware authors are dubious and crafty.
With CounterSpy you stack the odds in your favour and
dramatically reduce the odds of Spyware installing on
your machine.

There are no know issues with CounterSpy running with other

programs, so you should find it blends in nicely with any
existing programs you are running. I work in the PC
maintenance and repair field and have found the program
works as it says. A good number of other satisfied users
that I have referred also rate this program.

The program has a 15 day free trial and a 30 Day Guarantee
to ensure you are satisfied with the program. Its excellent

value for money at $19 (or approximately 10 ) for one full
year ,including updates. The price in year 2 is roughly
the original price - so it really is a good deal.

I believe that 10 spent on prevention, is far better than
paying out 100 later, if you acquire a real bad problem
this program could have prevented.

Referring back to the guarantee, if you are not satisfied,
your money is refunded in full. (Guarantee is provided by
the makers of the software). A very good guarantee from
an established company, with a quality product. I use the
product myself daily. My opinion is that it will help in
your fight to keep your computer running in top condition
and more importantly, keeping your personal information
more secure.

You can try the program out for yourself - Go to

Stephen Wilk
PC Help

Stephen Wilk (MCSE) is the author of
various technology articles and runs a commercial PC maintenance, repair and sales business. Stephen has already helped many people solve their frustrating computer problems.

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