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Index of all Articles in the Software Category

  • WEBFORMAT TYPO3 shop system extension updated with multi-language support

    CMS TYPO3 reveals to be a usable and functional open source software for online shop management. Editing even the wider products catalogue is now easier and quick thanks to the Multilanguage support.

    One of the most important features of e-business

  • Engineer-to-Order Enterprise Resource Planning Encompix Offers CorVu Power User Training

    Encompix, (www.encompix.com), the leading ETO (Engineer-to-Order) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) leader is now offering CorVu Training. These are task oriented sessions and designed to train a user on a specific business functions.

    • CorVu Powe

  • Datacraft Solutions e-Kanban Solution Profiled in IndustryWeek

    IndustryWeek examined how e-kanban solutions are core to an effective lean manufacturing initiative and provides a detailed report on the industry leader Datacraft Solutions. According to Matthew Marotta, founder of Datacraft Solutions, We do not charge fo

  • The September 2005 Cheap Web Hosting Report

    Below are the top five general purpose cheap web hosts selected
    for September 2005. All of the following hosting plans include a
    web control panel, a cgi-bin directory, php, perl, and at least 1
    mysql database. Many offer a number of additional fe

  • Engineer-to-Order Enterprise Resource Planning Database Workshop

    Encompix is pleased to announce a new education class, the Database Tune-up Workshop. This technical workshop focuses on the needs of the person responsible for database administration.

    This one-day workshop is conducted on-site and can be tailored

  • Data Backups - One Key to Business Survival

    Your customer data is a precious resource that can literally be worth its weight in gold! If used properly, it can be repeatedly mined for additional sales and referrals. Do you use this gold mine to increase the profitability of your business?

  • How To Make 100% Profit Using Other Peoples Products

    How does it sound if you can sell a product and you keep
    100% of the profit? Usually, for most of the products in
    the market, the profit margin is only on an average of

    There is a way to reap 100% profit. You can do this by

  • The Importance of Web Standards

    <blockquote>Welcome to our website; unless of course you’re blind, dyslexic, using a screen reader, magnification software, text-based browser, webTV, cell phone, or PDA, running Linux, Unix, BEos, Solaris, OS2 or FreeBSD, or haven’t updated your bro

  • Cracking Down on Spyware

    Do you know what your computer is doing while you are away? You may be amazed at all of the things that your computer can pick up on a daily basis. First came viruses, and that was a huge threat for many years. We heard about such infections as the Love Bu

  • Spyware Awareness in Todays environment.

    Computer users are quickly learning of the newest and most widespread threat facing internet use. Spyware has spread to more than 90 percent of computers surprising users who are unaware of the threats and forcing them to find a solution to the privacy inv

  • How to protect yourself against online criminals

    Credit card fraud is a growing problem for online businesses and can hurt your business in many ways. Fraudulent credit card transactions are costing e-commerce businesses many millions of dollars annually.

    So, it is very important to verify the ca

  • 7 Ways to Collect Email

    7 Ways to Collect Email
    Addresses Online and Off
    Your email campaign starts with a strong list. Without a good list of people who “opt-in”
    you aren’t going to be able to make email marketing work for you.
    Here are 7 little-used ways to coll

  • 12 Tips To Great Websites

    12 Tips To Great Web Sites
    by Richard F. Hill

    © 2005 Richard F. Hill - All Rights reserved

    Why do some sites succeed while the vast majority of others fail? More and more website owners are asking themselves these questions. The answers a

  • Canadas digital cameras, digital camcorders and cheap memory cards canada

    Digital SLR Camera or Digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is an ideal camera for professionals and amateur photographers. They usually having interchangeable lenses and are known for capturing superior quality images. They come with many advanced featu

  • Where is Web Conferencing Going?

    Copyright 2005 Richard Keir

    In an earlier article I talked about the evolution of the conference call from a rather limited beginning as an expensive business to business tool to the present possibilities using VoIP and the steadily increasing bandw

  • Google Joins the Internet Phone Revolution.

    Google Joins the Internet Phone Revolution.

    Its not so long ago that the idea of free phone calls over the Internet would have been thought an impossibility, but as any knowledgeable user will tell you they are now commonplace. Skype the pioneer and

  • All Internet Marketers - How To Get My Business

    Copyright 2005 Mike Law

    More and more people are realizing that the Internet offers great potential to set up a healthy business for pennies on the dollar. This is good news for internet marketers - but it also means that they need to lift their gam

  • The Time is Here: Now you can Post Articles with ease

    After almost one year in the making, Article Submitter Pro was launched Aug 23, 2005.

    Easy to Use, and almost fully automatic, this article submission software is already rated as the most effective viral and time saving Article Tool on the

  • Which Is The Better Server Operating System, Unix or Windows?

    Anybody who decides to get a web hosting service or facility for their website will also soon be faced with the tough question of what server they will need. Will their website be run by a Windows server operating system or will they prefer to go for a Uni

  • Hard Disk Wiping and the Secure Removal of Data

    Hard Disk Wiping and the Secure Removal of Data
    It is important for businesses to recycle their computers, but have you thought about what happens to the data on your computer when it is collected?

    How sensitive is the data stored on your hard

  • The Many Uses of Shrink Wrap

    In the kitchen, shrink wrap keeps leftovers fresh and prevents spills in the microwave, but shrink wrap is also used in various industries to protect fragile items. Shrink wrap protects and groups pallets of items like glass and DVDs during shipment. Packa

  • Buying Video Games for Kids 101 - A Parents Guide

    With video game sales burgeoning beyond a multi-billion dollar industry, video gaming is fast becoming the favourite pastime of adults and kids. Quickly replacing the likes of internet, TV, and good old fashion outside playtime, the target market for video

  • Removing Stubborn Spyware from your Hardrive.

    Internet Explorer is the browser used by most computer user and because the browser was designed to have third party functionality spyware distributors have taken advantage of the opportunity to spread their surveillance software. Creators of spyware are v

  • Easily Design Your Own Graphics for Your Business

    Copyright 2005 Barrett Phillips

    Perhaps you have a website, but you’re just not totally happy with the graphics, or you haven’t any graphics at all. How do great looking graphics improve my business? Arent professional graphics expensive? How do I c

  • Vlogs and Wikis and Pods, oh my!

    Perhaps you’ve heard about blogs - the hottest communication story of last
    year. Commentators from Newsweek to the Wall Street Journal, from CNN to PBS
    have devoted time to the phenomenon. Blogs are just one of the new technologies
    that are cha

  • Backup -- But Where To?

    We all know we have to backup regularly, but those backups files can get huge. Add that to your existing your files and your notebook computer hard drive seems to have shrunk overnight. No matter what size hard drive you have on your notebook computer, spa

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