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Index of all Articles in the Shareware Software Category

  • Different Categories of Computer Games

    Computer games can be categorized mainly into PC games that are played in your computer after installation using the CDs that contain the software, downloadable pc games, and the online games. Many websites provide you with the downloadable version of the

  • Twelve Things You Should Know to Save on Computer Software

    Do you want to get quality software at a reasonable price? Whether you work at home or just need good software for your personal computer, you are faced with an almost endless selection of computer software. Sorting through the options can sometimes be a m

  • Remote Backup Service Providers: Clarifying the Value Proposition

    Online Backup Service Providers: Clarifying the Value Proposition

    White Paper presented by:


    •A Brief History of the Backup Univ

  • 5 Steps to Removing PC Clutter

    It’s hard enough as it is these days to get organized and then remain that way for weeks and months down the road. We are all very busy people, some of us with 9-5 jobs and one hour commutes, and others of us busy making our lives at home work for us, with

  • Music Bytes - Tips For Saving On Professional Software For Musicians, Part I

    If you are outraged by the prices software giants demand for their tools, its time to check out shareware. Small independent developers often provide similar solutions that cost three to five times less AND you get to try them before paying.

    Johns F

  • Equipping Your Home Voiceover Studio

    To make a living, voice over talents used to have to physically go to gigs recorded in commercial production facilities. Now, gigs can come to them-in home studios and through the Internet. But for many voice over talents, newbie and old pro alike, outfitt

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